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camera phone recomendations?

hello everyone!
i'm new here :)
i have a nokia 6600 and it is about to die.
i am looking for a new camera phone.
my needs are: good quality calendar feature (i liked the one in my phone), task list (i did not like the one in my phone as it did not have an alarm),
and the best possible quality camera as i cannot carry lots of things around with me in my bag because i have chrnic pain, don't have the budget for a camera and  phone, and do use the camera a lot since i am learning fashion design and want to (a) photograph my work and (b) sometimes photograph things that inspire me such as seeing an outfit in a store window display or asking someone with a really cool look if i can snap a shot. i also would use it for traveling.
i realize  that nothing can replace a good quality digital camera, but at the moment i am really looking for a camera phone, and perhaps in the future if my finances permit, i will get a seperate camera for photographing my works.
what do you recommend in terms of camera phones? what do you use? what do you like
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